Clinical Nutrition – Nutrition plans aren’t just about weight management. Dietary modifications, specialised diets and nutrient supplementation can be very effectively used as part of the management of a vast range of conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and insulin resistance, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, heart health issues and arthritis. A good nutrition plan can also help to balance mood and energy levels, and support healthy immune system function. A consultation typically involves a comprehensive health history, review of recent blood tests, medications and/or supplements, and the development of a personalised nutrition plan. Nutrition plans are developed in conjunction with you to ensure that it not only suits your health needs, but that it also suits your food preferences, lifestyle, personality and eating style.

Sports Nutrition – Ideally nutrition plans should be support and enhance your current training plan. Different training programs and goals require different approaches to nutrition. Aside from helping to ensure your nutrition supports your training program, we can also help with more complex nutrition needs such as body sculpting and body building. Once you have reached lower body fat levels it can become more challenging to keep dropping body fat without sacrificing muscle mass or energy levels. You may also find you are more regularly hitting plateaus in both physique and athletic performance. We can show you how to more effectively reach your goals with a personalised program to suit your current body composition and training program. Already do a lot of your own nutrition planning and macros? We can show you more effective ways of calculating macro nutrient requirements, how to practically fit them into a nutrition plan, how to adjust your program around events/eating out, and what to do when you aren’t getting the results you want.

Body Composition Scans available with any consultation at no additional cost.

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Nutrition Consultation 40mins $70

Initial Nutrition Consultation 90mins $110

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