6 Week Nutrition Challenge January 2019


Would you like to start the new year working towards a healthier and fitter you?

We have the ultimate BUDGET-FRIENDLY, FAMILY-FRIENDLY, REAL FOOD challenge for you!


Starts January 7th 2019




What’s Included?

Everyone will receive a 28 day whole food meal plan with recipes, developed by a qualified nutritionist. The meal plan is designed to support muscle growth and fat loss, while maintaining a healthy balance of macronutrients and micronutrients. It is calorie controlled and balanced in macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats). You will be shown how to modify your meal plan to reflect your personal preferences and tastes, and how to work out your own macronutrient requirements. Meals are quick and easy to prepare, and made from regular supermarket ingredients. Meals are mix and match so you can repeat meals you enjoy and skip meals that don’t appeal. This meal plan is designed to be family-friendly and is suitable for the whole family. Gluten-free and dairy-free options available, plus vegetarian. Breastfeeding friendly. Please note that a good blender or food processor is needed for the recipes.

There will be an initial 1hr nutrition seminar taking you through fat loss fundamentals, myths and misconceptions, and how to get the most out of your nutrition plan. Questions will also be welcome! The nutrition seminar will be held at Reformed Somerville on SATURDAY 5TH JANUARY at 3PM. For those unable to attend I will post an introductory video online.

All challenge members will be invited to join our private Facebook support group. A supportive and encouraging space where members can ask questions and share their achievements. This the perfect place to discuss your nutrition and training throughout the challenge. There will be lots of nutrition (and training) education in the group, showing you how you can customise your diet plan to suit you, how you can meal prep quickly and efficiently, and how you can work in the foods you love. I’ll be there to answer your nutrition and training questions and support you in becoming more confident with managing your health and fitness.

In addition to the 28 day meal plan, everyone will also receive a basic gym program or home exercise program. The home exercise program does not require any equipment, and there are three levels of gym program to choose from, beginner, intermediate and advanced. For those who are not currently involved in an exercise program but would like to be, this is a great way to get started. Please note that this is optional, and you are welcome to participate using your own current exercise program, or you are welcome to just participate using our meal plan on its own. I am happy to support you in whatever stage of health and fitness you are at.

Every week I’ll put up a new exercise video for you to follow along at home. The focus will be on good technique, how to vary exercises to suit your ability level and how to put your exercise session together.

To help you stay on track and accountable, I will get you to send me photos and measurements at the start of the challenge and at the finish. These will remain private (unless express consent is given to share) and will help to keep you on track and motivated. I’ll post a ‘how to’ video demonstrating how to effectively take and record your measurements.


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